A Sanctuary for Tea Cultivation in the Mountains
A landlocked country nestled between China and India, Nepal is home to Mt. Everest and includes eight of the world's ten tallest peaks and 240 peaks over 20,000 feet. From the lowland plains to the soaring Himalayas, Nepal has 136 different ecosystems representing every climate zone in the world. At the foothills of Nepal's majestic mountain ranges lie tea gardens that produce premium highland tea that is exported to specialty markets all over the world.
Small is Beautiful
In contrast to many other countries, tea in Nepal is cultivated primarily by small-scale farmers with an average tea garden of just 0.6 acres. Farmers either sell their harvest to nearby tea factories or process it in their own mini-processing units. The tea industry in Nepal is young and innovative and the production of organic tea is steadily increasing. Small tea gardens lead to higher quality tea because farmers invest time, heart, and soul in each tea plant during every production cycle. Twenty years is the average age of Nepal’s tea gardens.
Quality Tea from the Himalayas
In the rolling hills of Nepal, connoisseurs can find some of the world's most flavorful teas. The conditions for the cultivation of tea are perfect. Tea bushes are planted at an altitude of approximately 7,500 feet above sea level. At that altitude, tea grows slower and has time to develop the full complexity of its taste. The air quality is exceptional and the southerly slopes where many tea gardens are located guarantee long hours of sun.
Savour the Rich Taste
The diverse tastes of Nepali teas suit the palates of tea connoisseurs the world over. Tea leaves are harvested weekly during each of the four seasons. The first season, “First flush”, is known for its aromatic and refined taste. “Second flush” has a well-rounded and mellow flavor. Tea produced during the “Monsoon” period has a full-bodied, strong flavor. “Autumnals” complete the year and are recognized by their sweet, smooth flavor.
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